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Hearn Celebrates Eighth Career Super DIRTcar Series Title

It was made official Saturday night at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, N.Y., for Brett Hearn as he hoisted the 53 pound trophy over his head as the Super DIRTcar Series champion. It was Hearn’s eighth title making him possible the greatest ever in the sport of dirt modified racing.

“I’ve had people that have been around me for 20 plus years and they always ask me what drives me and I don’t know,” stated Hearn. “I can tell you that when we live the lifestyle that we live and these guys that travel series know what that lifestyle is like, it’s not normal. There is a high price, a high price on family and the cost of doing this. These guys have spent almost every day of the last eight months with me and that is unbelievable, those aren’t employees, way more than that, they’ve bought into the lifestyle. They know what it takes to be champions and I’m blessed to have people like that around me.”

The banquet Saturday evening was chance for Hearn to reflect back on the season and his career while looking ahead to the 2014 season which begins in a few short months when the modifieds return to the Volusia Speedway Park for Speedweek.

“My life has always been about the next race,” said Hearn when asked about his legacy in the sport. “It’s not about what I did it’s about what I’m going to do. This year I think I had the best group of teammates I’ve ever had. Everyone was going same direction. I had great ownership. I say this over and over again; we don’t get to enjoy the races that we win because we are always thinking about the next race. I’m sure in this is brief time here at the banquet we get to be champion and think about it, have some drinks and have a few laughs. We had good time as a team no doubt about that, but in a week or two we’ll sit down and talk about Volusia, that is the way it is. That’s what I’ll do that until the time I quit.”

In his closing remarks Hearn also commended the folks at DIRTcar and World Racing Group for the growth they’ve accomplished during the last few weeks of the season with the addition of new tracks to the series and to DIRTcar sanctioning.

“There is a lot of exciting stuff happening with DIRTcar,” said Hearn. “I’ve got to give credit to the DIRTcar team. They’ve done an unbelievable job of sitting tight until this came back. Like I’ve said all along, this series and the sanctioning body is what we need to keep racing altogether and now I’m seeing that the tracks are seeing that as well. I’m looking forward to 2014.”

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