Mr. DIRT Race – August 15, 2013

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Lebanon Valley Speedway



1. Andy Bachetti

2. JR Heffner

3. Brett Hearn (flat on lap 24)

Lap 99 Brett running 3rd

Lap 98 Brett running 4th

Lap 96 Brett running 5th

Lap 90 Brett running 6th

Lap 89 Brett running 7th

Lap 85 Brett running 7th

Lap 83 Brett running 7th

Lap 77 Brett running 8th

Lap 70 Brett running 9th

Lap 60 Brett running 18th

L48 yellow brought by turn 4 tangle involving Billings. Hearn and K Flach pit under yellow. Bachetti still leads

L42 caution as Currier slows on front stretch. Bachetti still leads, Hearn made his way from 28th to 20th

L27 caution as Hearn slows in front stretch with a flat. Returns to field before green


Brett will start in the #2 position!

Heat Races

H5: M Flach, Tremont, Dunn, Rauscher, R Johnson, Pupello, Berger, Scagliotta

H4: Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Jelley, Horton, Marshall, Schroeder, Billings, Morey

H3: Burns, Bachetti, Britten, Corellis, Sheppard, Pitcher, Gilardi, Hoffman, Planck

H2: Hearn, Heffner, Tomkins, Flach, Armstrong, Wight, Sowle, Hackel. DNS: Friesen

H1: VanInwegen holds off Danny Johnson for the win. Both make redraw. 3-Sheldon & 4-Currier also transfer


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