Golden Isles Speedway Results – 2/15/15

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Golden Isles Speedway


Hearn Close with New Teo

Brett Hearn and company like to use the Florida Speedweeks for experimenting and learning about what their car will be able to do. Hearn, running a newly designed Teo Pro Car, was inches from securing the win on Sunday. Although he wasn’t able to wrestle the victory away from Johnson, he was pleased with the night.

“This trip for us has always been about trying stuff we built over the winter, some experimenting,” said Hearn. “Sometimes it works out good, sometimes it doesn’t. With the amount of stuff that is integrated into this new car I’m really happy with what we did.”

Hearn chased Johnson for much of the 40-lap distance after leading the opening stanza. Hearn had his opportunity as Johnson was stuck behind a slower car in the closing laps. He dove to the bottom of turns three and four and nearly pulled off the pass for the win at the checkered flag.

“I don’t think either one of us saw the checkered flag,” Hearn stated. “I didn’t see the white or the checkered flag. We took a couple extra laps to make sure. I’m really pleased with the new car and with some of the stuff we did, it really panned out well.”

Hearn compared the four-tenths mile oval to the Dirt Track at Charlotte. He tried driving several different grooves on the track in order to close on Johnson but nothing was able to gain him enough ground.

“It seemed like you could move around,” he said. “The track is so circular though it is hard to get a run. It is very a circular track. I tried moving around but I was struggling getting into the corner. I was trying to change my angles getting in and make it better in the middle of the corner but I never really got where I wanted too.”

1. Danny Johnson

2. Brett Hearn

3. Billy Pauch

4. Matt Sheppard

5. Matt Williamson

6. Eric Rudolph

7. Larry Wright




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