Big Show 9 Recap

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Brett Hearn & The Big Show 9 staff would like to say thank you to the fans, sponsors (Recovery Sports Grill, Cedar Peaks, Halmar, VP, Fox), drivers, volunteers, Albany Saratoga Speedway in making the 2017 Big Show 9 a success!

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This isn’t a complete recap, because I can’t be bothered to find the final results for each race… however …

I’m glad he didn’t win, but give Hearn his due. This is hands down the most well presented race in the northeast dirt scene. It’s everything “The Big One” at Super Dirt Week is supposed to be. From the DJ entertaining the crowd to the Top 10 starting spots not being determined or announced until just before the first parade lap, this race had everything.

And the part you can never guarantee … no matter how much time or effort you out in … no matter how well you groom the track … and no matter how well Mother Nature cooperates … the race itself … it was one of the most exciting you will see.

What a show. Period. Until the last turn, you didn’t know for sure who was going to win it. McCreadie and Friesen both launched late race comebacks that were of epic proportions. Apparently, Timmy made his charge just a hair earlier than Stewy, or he got that little bit luckier, but in the end, he pulled it off.

Dirtcar, OCFS, and anyone else who puts on a racing spectacular should take notes and follow suit. Brett Hearn is one smart mother and applies the same relentless pursuit for perfection to this race as he puts into his racing career.

And it paid off tonight beyond belief.

All I can say is “Holy F … What a night”!!!


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